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Quando o negócio é o segredo

No campo do branqueamento de capitais, há o que goza da hiper-publicidade da criminalização e o que se fica pela penumbra discreta da negociação. Até na lavandaria há especial cuidado com a roupa de seda, preferindo-se para esta a lavagem a seco.

«US. and Swiss officials are concluding negotiations on a civil settlement amid U.S. criminal probes of 11 financial institutions, including Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN), suspected of helping American clients hide money from the Internal Revenue Service, according to five people with knowledge of the talks who declined to speak publicly because they are confidential», informa a agência de notícias Blomberg, que acrescenta «Switzerland, the biggest haven for offshore wealth, wants an end to new U.S. probes while preserving its decades-old tradition of bank secrecy, the people said. The U.S. seeks data on Americans who have dodged U.S. taxes and a pledge by Swiss banks to stop helping such clients, according to the people. The Swiss reached accords this year with Germany and the U.K. on untaxed assets».

De acordo com a mesma fonte a negociação já teve lugar com outros países:«”The Swiss would like to get out of this by paying money, and they’ve done that with other countries,” said tax attorney H. David Rosenbloom of Caplin & Drysdale Chartered in Washington, who isn’t involved in the talks».
É caso para dizer: business goes on, as usually…
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